April Holidays

Quotefancy-1337655-3840x2160April, a month known for its poets and fools, has long had a precipitous yet hopeful reputation, as seen in a collection of writings called A Hundred Good Points of Husbandry, written in 1557 by Thomas Tusser.

April 1st has seen a history of pranks and hoaxes, consider harmless fun by some and controversial by many. April Fools Day is believed to have originated with the changes from the Julian to Gregorian calendar systems and religious holidays, such Christian and Day of Holy Innocents, and Easter.

These days, April tends to be known for other weather and nature related proclamations, such as the recognition of Earth Day on April 22, 2017. What are you doing today to help students understand the importance of taking care of our planet?

Click on this resource link for middle and high school students that explores the origins of national recognition and observance of Earth Day. For younger students, see the video below, and these PBS LearningMedia resources for learning more about Earth Day, and Earth, our home.

Earth day vid image