Professional Development Resources on Bullying including videos, lesson plans and support materials at no cost.

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TCH Presents Bullying at School
Be an Ally
Educate Parents on Bullying
Cyberbullying or Teasing

Classroom video, articles, lesson plans and support materials for teachers.

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Inspiring Middle School Literacy – Bullying – self paced lesson tied to Common Core Standards
Martha Walks the Dog

An Antidote to Bullying
Protecting Kids From Bullying
Raising Girls – Internet
Its My Life – Bully discussions
Its My Life – Bullies in the Classroom

Stand Up ND is a new multimedia project designed to highlight what educators around the state are doing to address bullying.

Other PBS Member Stations
This list of resources directs you to other PBS member stations’ websites for bullying resources they have put together. These resources include videos, lesson plans, and more.

Iowa PTV
This Sesame Street animation communicates the difference between tattling and reporting instances of bullying
A collection of videos which explores the reality of bullying in Iowa public schools
“Growing up: A Guide to Middle School Bullying” offers seven research-based videos to help middle school students identify and deal with bullying

Two videos from “Arthur and Friends” tackle the subject of ending bullying

WNET New York
TED Talk about from a 14-year-old about dealing with anxiety of being bullied

Idaho Public Television presents a collection of resources designed to raise awareness about bullying
PBS Parents article on dealing with cyberbullying
This Emotional Life gives tips on identifying bullying

Quad Cities PBS
Connecting Anti-Bullying Resources and Education (CARE QC) offers a wide range of resources to stop bullying in its many forms

New Hampshire PBS
The New Hampshire Public Television page on bullying offers lessons plans, videos and links to other resources on bullying
Games, articles, lesson plans and other media from on dealing with bullies

American Graduate is a PBS initiative (WNET in New York)
Resources from American Graduate explore how bullying can lead to dropping out of school
Iowa Public Television offers resources on fighting bullying in schools

WITF Pennsylvania
Programming from WITF which focuses on bullying both in schools and the workplace


An article from Mississippi Public Broadcasting explores the long-term implications for victims of bullying

Other Independent Resources

Operation Respect:
This is the download site for the Don’t Laugh At Me Program curricula, videos, and CD for use by teachers, administrators, parents and other educational advocates and practitioners.
Caine Smith talks about his bullying and goes to school board (Posted on
“The Bully Project” is based on the film BULLY, and is a movement for social action to end bullying in schools
Solutions for teachers bullied by colleagues
In their own words: Teachers bullied by colleagues

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