Frontline, June

June’s featured program is Frontline. Widely known for it’s thought-provoking documentaries and in-depth investigative journalism, Frontline is an excellent resource for teaching and learning about important issues facing society today across several areas: Biography, Business / Economy, Diversity, Health / Science / Technology, Foreign Affairs / Defense, Government / Public Policy, Media Literacy, and Religion.

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The Frontline TEACHER CENTER offers classroom activities with streaming video, downloadable lesson plans and web-exclusive resources to accompany FRONTLINE programs in the classroom.  PBS Learning Media offers an extensive number of materials through the Frontline Collection.


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About #streamPBS:

Education Content for Teen and Adult Learners

Many of our popular PBS television programs have supplemental education materials that encourage personalized and project-based learning.

Current PBS television programs are usually available for free on air, via streaming video for a limited time, or for an extended time with a paid PBS Passport.

#streamPBS will feature free monthly teen and adult education content based on some of our popular television programs, to help educators create transmedia lessons, for effective learning anywhere, anytime.

See our High School Resources page under the Teachers tab for the complete #streamPBS collection.