Introducing #PrairieListens

Prairie Public Education Services is proud to announce #PrairieListens

This new educational pilot project will offer an engagement prompt for high school students, teachers, community educators, citizens, and leaders in our Prairie Public broadcast region. Each prompt will be based on a blog post about a current art, civics, ELA, or STEM topic, and will include a question or activity that can be responded to via our website and other social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

This project aims to develop 21st century skills by maintaining relevancy with media platforms within grades 9-12. It will allow students to make connections between what is being taught in-class, current topics of interest, community engagement, and digital literacy. Educators, as well as community members, may also reply or be active in conversations with students, in educationally appropriate ways. Responses will be monitored by Prairie Public Education Services staff as well as teachers involved in the project, and inappropriate material will be deleted.

#PrairieListens is modeled on the Do Now program of KQED Education, the PBS affiliate in San Francisco, California. When available, prompts will include links to related Do Now topics activities, and PBS Learning Media resources, for extended learning and engagement opportunities. isabettaherrera

We are also excited to introduce our #PrairieListens major content producer! 

Isabetta Bleu Herrera Grant, 17, is a senior at West Fargo High School who is interning with Prairie Public Education Services as part of a STEM Senior Capstone Project. She enjoys creating art through videography, illustration, and writing for many social movements.

TEACHERS: For more information about using #PrairieListens in the classroom, please see the About #PrairieListens page, which can also be accessed by going to the Teachers/High School tab on this website and clicking on the link there.



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