PBS Native America Project Grant

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Native Americaa four-part national PBS documentary premiering October 23, looks at connections between Indigenous Peoples of South, Central and North American; the alignment of geographic and sacred sites to the cosmos and seasons;  and other traditional practices. It also shares traditional knowledge that continues to be passed on to maintain and grow cultural identity in the face of ongoing assimilation and genocide. While the documentary is very broad, the number of episodes the producers were able to create limited the number of tribes that could be covered.

In conjunction with this documentary, Prairie Public received a grant to create a digital project that will share the voices and perspectives of Indigenous People from our region. Our Native American Cultures of the Upper Midwest project website features videos, educational resources, and links to related national content. Through a number of events and ongoing interviews in our region, we are asking a series of questions and topics, from the perspective of culture, personal life, and work:

How do you continue your cultural knowledge and traditions?
What are some of the roles and impacts of sacred spaces?
Can you share a relationship with the natural world that informs and guides you?
How are youth and community efforts helping to energize and transform communities?
How might indigenous relationships have a different meaning and weight than is seen with mainstream political ideologies and national boundaries that change over time?

Join the Conversation

How do you continue your cultural knowledge and traditions? What does your community do?

To add your thoughts, and other resources, go to: pbs.org/nativevoices

Or find us on social media, tell your story, and tag it with #NativeVoicesPBS !

We will be adding video and education materials to the website throughout the next couple monthsso check back often.

Educators, keep an eye out for the professional development opportunities we will be offering as well, through a variety of educational platforms and settings, both digital and in person. Our goal is to increase awareness, understanding, and better relationships between all who live and work in our region, and at the national level.

Thank You!