PD For Me Weekly Webchats

Prairie Public’s FREE PD for Me Weekly Webchat series is back and – thanks to feedback from teachers – redesigned to Talking Headsbetter support your professional development.

What’s a Webchat?

Explore resources, get inspiration, test ideas, and connect with like-minded educators- all from the cozy, convenient comfort of your home or classroom. These online chats feature area educators sharing a bite-sized overview of a resource, topic, or idea in 15 minutes or less. Then it’s all about you: ask questions, collaborate and share with other attendees (as you’re comfortable), and brainstorm how you might take that idea into your classroom. Chats may wrap up in as little as 30 minutes, but we will never go more than an hour.

How do I Attend?

Sign-up for the chats here and then join the conversation with this link. All you need is 30 minutes, an internet-connected device, and a comfy chair. Make sure you have your webcam and mic on to maximize the chat time!

Can I receive credit?

Absolutely! In the spring, all attendees will receive certificates of completion listing their webchat hours. OR, you can sign-up for continuing education credit and attend any 15 chat hours for 1 CE credit.

Valley City State University:  VCSU Credit- Class #18925 
North Dakota State University:  NDSU Credit

What if I can’t attend chats live?

No problem. Check out our Weekly Webchat Channel to view chat recordings. Complete the webchat reflection form linked to each video to receive continuing ed credit and/or a certificate of completion. Most recordings will be shorter than the live chats, so you’ll get to check out a few more to get to 15 hours.

Why should I attend?

It’s a quick, free, low-stress PD that allows you to explore ideas and expand your teaching tricks, all right from your home or classroom. If the conversation isn’t about what you thought, just sign-out. But we think you’ll find something useful, cause other teachers told us so:

“I am hoping my assistant coach can run practice while I watch/do the March webinars, but in case that doesn’t work I am glad you have them recorded! I am loving PD for Me. Thanks for all your hard work!” – Julie, High School teacher, Richland, ND

“Tons of great info today!  Can’t wait to start using it!” –  January Flipped Classroom Attendee

“Lots of info ….. need to dig in and explore now!”  – March Writer’s Workshop Attendee

“Thank you very much and this was a great session!  I’m just beginning the use of VR in the classroom and your ideas will be helpful.”  – January Mystery Skype & VR attendee

Can we please talk about…?

Have a chat request? Share your ideas or send a question to dbakkegard@prairiepublic.org.



Sign-up today then join the chat hereHere’s what we’re chatting about this month. Stay tuned for monthly additions, new topics, and content/grade specific chats.


October Chats

October 2 @ 4pm: Kindness, Empathy, & Resilience (PK-3)

Tap into the power of PBS to talk kindness, empathy, and resilience with your students. Explore the LearningMedia bullying prevention collection, get helpful apps from PBSParents.org, and dive into resources from Sesame Street in Communities.
October 4 @ 4pm: Coding in the Classroom: Getting Started (K-12)

Our October Series is all about CODING! Heard about coding but don’t know where to start? Join this session for the WHY and HOW to bring coding to your classroom then start planning your own coding adventure. This is the first of a 3-part series to help you get ready for Computer Science Education Week, December 3-9, featuring the Hour of Code.  No prior coding experience necessary!

October 9 @ 4pm: Math Resources (K-5)

Check out tools and online resources to help support math instruction. WootMath will do a live demo of this great math tool.  Then 3rd grade teacher Jessica Schmit shares an overview of how she uses Prodigy Math to spark student engagement and support all levels of learners. Follow-up with your questions and share your ideas for making math magic.

October 11 @ 4pm: Coding in the Classroom: Coding & Storytelling with PBS Scratch Jr. (K-5)

Stimulate imaginations and build basic coding skills with PBS’s Scratch, Jr.  Walk through the steps of how to use Scratch, Jr. to teach students coding & get ideas of different ways to integrating coding into your curriculum.  Scratch, Jr. is a FREE coding app featuring beloved PBS Kids characters perfect for PK-5 graders.

October 16 @ 4pm: Media Literacy (K-12)

Stop in for a peek at some amazing Media Literacy resources. Check out ideas to challenge students with multi-media resources as well as tools to help increase student engagement while decreasing your time as a teacher. All resources are free and work in any classroom, any grade, any subject.

[Native America (K-12) RESCHEDULED for OCT 30 – see below]

October 18: Enjoy the Fall Break!

October 23: An Attitude of Thanks (K-12)

Celebrate the spirit of Thanksgiving with a month of gratitude. Beulah teacher Erika Dyk shares how she helps students cultivate a spirit of gratitude as they learn how to honor themselves, each other, and the world around them. A timely chat for every classroom.  

October 25 @ 4pm: Coding in the Classroom: Building Momentum

Share your coding experiences so far, get ideas on how to help support your community in the Hour of Code, and get kids coding at home. This is a check-in for all those coding in the classroom to share what’s working and what’s not, ask questions, and continue to stretch.

October 30 @ 4pm: Native America (K-12)

Explore the history and heritage of Native American cultures with PBS’s new documentary series, Native America. Then tap into content curated by Prairie Public, including interviews, highlights from events, and education resources related to indigenous cultures in our region.


November Chats

November 1 @ 4pm: Flipped Classroom: Flipping your Teaching Philosophy (K-12)

November’s Thursday feature is all about flipped classroom. Students love that content is differentiated for their pace and learning styles; parents love knowing what their student is learning; and teachers love getting to spend more time helping students apply knowledge. Experienced flipper and high school math teacher Cory Loveless shares strategies and best practices to help you get started. Whether you’re already flipping or just getting started, join this conversation for tips & tricks to maximize the flip.

November 6 @ 4pm: Virtual Play for Greater Student Inquiry (K-12)

Connect your classroom to spark inquiry, access information, and add a layer of excitement. Using simple -FREE- tools, learn how, when, and why to connect your class to virtual resources. Teacher Andria Rogers will share her journey using Mystery Skype to expand her classroom and deepen engagement. We’ll also check out FlipGrid Pals and a variety of virtual reality resources to connect your students to the world outside your classroom walls.

November 8 @ 4pm: Flipped Classroom: Simple Tech to Start the Flip (K-12)

Anyone can flip their classroom, incorporate blending learning, or build better stations with these simple tech tools. Learn how to maximize your teaching time with EdPuzzle and Google Forms. Create simple assessments with ease for station work, blending learning, or full-on flipped classroom. We’ll demo these tech tools so you’re ready to test a lesson next week. (Really- they’re that easy!)

November 13 @ 4pm: Let’s Go Luna! (PK-3)

Learn all about PBS Kids’ newest show. Let’s Go Luna! follows the adventures of three friends -Leo, a wombat from Australia; Carmen, a butterfly from Mexico; and Andy, a frog from the US- as they traverse the globe with their parents’ traveling performance troupe, “Circo Fabuloso.” At each of the Circo’s stops, Luna the mood guides the trio as they experience the local language, music, food, and daily life from London to Cairo to Beijing.  Let’s Go Luna encourages kids ages 4-7 to explore and appreciate cultures from all over the world, and build global citizenship and social skills.

November 15 @ 4pm: Flipped Classroom: Creating Your own Content (K-12)

The next step in our flipped classroom journey: creating your own content. When you can’t FIND a video to use for instruction, it’s easier than you might think to MAKE your own. We’ll talk tools (Screencast-o-Matic, Screencastify, ShowMe) and tips for making the most of your videos. Whether you’re flipping, doing blended learning, or stations, join in and share how you make video magic.

November 20 @ 4pm: TBD

November 27 @ 4pm: Winter Wonderland (PK-3)

Get ready for December with PBS LearningMedia! We’ll check out Christmas Around the World with Let’s Go Luna!, dive into the diverse winter holiday collection, and make magic with simple -and FREE- activities and resources.

November 29 @ 4pm: Flipped Classroom: Feedback Session (K-12)

We’re taking time to reflect on our month of flipping.  Share what you’ve tested or are thinking about doing. Come with questions, ideas, resources, or a lesson to share.