PD For Me Weekly Webchats

Prairie Public’s FREE PD for Me Weekly Webchat series is back and – thanks to feedback from teachers – redesigned to Talking Headsbetter support your professional development.

What’s a Webchat?

Explore resources, get inspiration, test ideas, and connect with like-minded educators- all from the cozy, convenient comfort of your home or classroom. These online chats feature area educators sharing a bite-sized overview of a resource, topic, or idea in 15 minutes or less. Then it’s all about you: ask questions, collaborate and share with other attendees (as you’re comfortable), and brainstorm how you might take that idea into your classroom. Chats may wrap up in as little as 30 minutes, but we will never go more than an hour.

How do I Attend?

Sign-up for the chats here and then join the conversation with this link. All you need is 30 minutes, an internet-connected device, and a comfy chair. Make sure you have your webcam and mic on to maximize the chat time!

Can I receive credit?

Absolutely! In the spring, all attendees will receive certificates of completion listing their webchat hours. OR, you can sign-up for continuing education credit and attend any 15 chat hours for 1 CE credit.

Valley City State University:  VCSU Credit- Class #18925 
North Dakota State University:  NDSU Credit

What if I can’t attend chats live?

No problem. Check out our Weekly Webchat Channel to view chat recordings. Complete the webchat reflection form linked to each video to receive continuing ed credit and/or a certificate of completion. Most recordings will be shorter than the live chats, so you’ll get to check out a few more to get to 15 hours.

Why should I attend?

It’s a quick, free, low-stress PD that allows you to explore ideas and expand your teaching tricks, all right from your home or classroom. If the conversation isn’t about what you thought, just sign-out. But we think you’ll find something useful, cause other teachers told us so:

“I am hoping my assistant coach can run practice while I watch/do the March webinars, but in case that doesn’t work I am glad you have them recorded! I am loving PD for Me. Thanks for all your hard work!” – Julie, High School teacher, Richland, ND

“Tons of great info today!  Can’t wait to start using it!” –  January Flipped Classroom Attendee

“Lots of info ….. need to dig in and explore now!”  – March Writer’s Workshop Attendee

“Thank you very much and this was a great session!  I’m just beginning the use of VR in the classroom and your ideas will be helpful.”  – January Mystery Skype & VR attendee

Can we please talk about…?

Have a chat request? Share your ideas or send a question to dbakkegard@prairiepublic.org.



Sign-up today then join the chat hereHere’s what we’re chatting about this month. Stay tuned for monthly additions, new topics, and content/grade specific chats.


August 7 @ 10am: Gearing-up for Back-to-School: PK-2 Resources

Tap into the strategies of Daniel Tiger, make math magic with Peg + Cat, explore nature with Nature Cat, and generally get inspired from a wealth of quality FREE PBS resources. Join this 15 minute tour of PBS LearningMedia then discuss how you might use these engaging, dynamic resources to ease the transition back to school.

August 7 @ 2pm: Gearing-up for Back-to-School: Ignite Learning (K-12)

Kindle a love of learning and keep it burning by providing authentic educational experiences.  Listen to the needs of students and help them find what excites them. Whether you call it Genius Hour or Makerspace, us Passion/ Joy projects or PBL, we’ll discuss strategies to light the education fuse and fuel authentic learning throughout the year with passionate 2nd-grade teacher Olivia Becker.

August 9 @ 10am: Gearing-up for Back-to-School: 3-5 Resources

Team up with PBS to ease the transition back to school. Join this 15 minute tour of PBS LearningMedia and get ideas for every subject. From math concepts with Cyberchase, social studies resources from the ND/MN Studies collection, STEAM inspiration from SciGirls Nova, join your fellow educators to discuss how you might use these and other engaging, dynamic resources.

August 9 @ 2pm: Gearing-up for Back-to-School: Connecting with Parents (K-12)

In teaching, small actions can have huge rewards. Keeping parents/guardians in the education loop is a sure-fire way to make the year smoother. In this webchat, strategies for staying connected, both low-tech and no-tech, to get you on the same page with parents day one.

August 14 @ 10am: Gearing-up for Back-to-School: MS & HS Resources

PBS isn’t just for little kids. Explore the myriad resources for middle and high school that help you tap into the trusted knowledge and expertise of PBS programs like NovaNaturePBS NewshourMasterpiece Theatre, the documentaries of Ken Burns, and so much more.  Bite-sized clips just right for launching student inquiry combined with built-in tech tools to easily share and assign videos make PBS LearningMedia a go-to resource for all educators.  Join this 15 minute tour of PBS LearningMedia then discuss how you might use these engaging, dynamic resources to ease the transition back to school.

August 14 @ 2pm: Gearing-up for Back-to-School: Building Classroom Community (K-12)

For kids to thrive, they need to feel like they belong. Join this informal chat with 3rd grade teacher Jessica Schmidt, HS teacher Darcy Bakkegard, and K-5 teacher Nikki Vradenburg to share and get ideas about how to build your classroom community. We’ll talk through ways to get to know your students, simple steps to foster a collaborative culture, and ideas for keeping those connections going throughout the year.  Join the chat with and share your ideas on how to keep the back-to-school focus on the kiddos as they come in the building.

August 16 @ 10am: Gearing-up for Back-to-School: Keeping Your Sanity (K-12)

Ok- so it’s easier said than done and easier for some than others. How do you find balance throughout the year? Build a wall against burn-out as you connect to your fellow educators.

August 16 @ 2pm: Gearing-up for Back-to-School: Growth Mindset (K-12)

Empower your students to take charge of their learning by fostering a growth mindset. Hear from Northern Cass teacher Courtney Nelson about how growth mindset has transformed her classroom and teaching practice. Then, chat with South East Educational Cooperative (SEEC) growth mindset trainer, LaCosta Potter, for simple strategies you can implement in your classroom day one. Grow your students, grow your practice.




September 11 @ 4pm: Great American Read  (3-12, English teachers, Librarians/Media Specialists & Bibliophiles)

Help students kindle a love of reading with The Great American Read.  Get ideas and resources to support authentic discussions, curate book reviews, and generally celebrate a love of reading.

September 13 @ 4pm: Digital Reflections: Simple tech to Connect (K-12)

Test out a variety of useful options for Digital Reflections to use in any classroom that limit grading time and maximize student ideas, voice, and -well- reflection.  We’ll look at how to integrate Adobe Spark & Flipgrid into any classroom. Join in and share your favorite reflection tool.

September 18 @ 4pm: Mindfulness (K-12)

Help your students build skills to focus, relax, and be open to learning. Join 2nd grade teacher Olivia Becker and HS teacher Darcy Bakkegard share their favorite ways to help students be mindful.  From classroom yoga to simple meditation, you don’t have to be a guru to help guide your students to a better frame of mind.

September 20 @ 4pm: Digital Reflections: Blogging, Vlogging, Podcasting (K-12)

From blogs to podcasts, there are so many ways to help students show you what they know in any subject while providing an authentic audience for their work. Explore simple tools -including Audacity, Screencast-o-Matic, Blogger- plus ready-to-go projects like StoryCorps.

September 25 @ 4pm: Wild Kratts Creepy Creatures & Fall Holiday Fun (K-5)

Get all the best creepy crawly ideas for fall crafts & creative projects. Free activities, lessons, and media resources from PBS to help you explore the beauty of autumn and prep for Halloween.