PD For Me Weekly Webchats

Prairie Public’s FREE PD for Me Weekly Webchat series is back and – thanks to feedback from teachers – redesigned to Talking Headsbetter support your professional development.

Click this link to join the conversation. All you need is 30 minutes, an internet-connected device, and a comfy chair. Make sure you have your webcam and mic on to maximize the chat time!

Can I receive credit?

Absolutely! In the spring, all attendees will receive certificates of completion listing their webchat hours. OR, you can sign-up for continuing education credit and attend any 15 chat hours for 1 CE credit.

Valley City State University:  VCSU Credit- Class #18925 
North Dakota State University:  NDSU Credit

What if I can’t attend chats live?

No problem. Check out our Weekly Webchat Channel to view chat recordings. Complete the webchat reflection form linked to each video to receive continuing ed credit and/or a certificate of completion. Most recordings will be shorter than the live chats, so you’ll get to check out a few more to get to 15 hours.

Why should I attend?

It’s a quick, free, low-stress PD that allows you to explore ideas and expand your teaching tricks, all right from your home or classroom. If the conversation isn’t about what you thought, just sign-out. But we think you’ll find something useful, cause other teachers told us so:

“I am hoping my assistant coach can run practice while I watch/do the March webinars, but in case that doesn’t work I am glad you have them recorded! I am loving PD for Me. Thanks for all your hard work!” – Julie, High School teacher, Richland, ND

“Tons of great info today!  Can’t wait to start using it!” –  January Flipped Classroom Attendee

“Lots of info ….. need to dig in and explore now!”  – March Writer’s Workshop Attendee

“Thank you very much and this was a great session!  I’m just beginning the use of VR in the classroom and your ideas will be helpful.”  – January Mystery Skype & VR attendee

Can we please talk about…?

Have a chat request? Share your ideas or send a question to dbakkegard@prairiepublic.org.



Here’s what we’re chatting about this month. Stay tuned for monthly additions, new topics, and content/grade specific chats. Join the chat here. 


November Chats


November 27 @ 4pm: Breakout Edu (K-12)

Breakout of the mid-year rut and unlock excitement, team-building, and genuine problem-solving in any content with Breakout Edu.  Join teachers Julia Berge & Johanna Ibarra as they share their Breakout Edu adventures, including tips on planning, fundraising, and integrating Breakouts into any classroom.

November 29 @ 4pm: Ideas to Hear Students (K-12)

Tap into tech to maximize your educational impact.  Simple tools and how-tos to make formative assessments easy and integrated.  Test out a variety more and share your favorite assessment tools with the group. Bring your own device (laptop, iPad, etc) to maximize these resources.


December Chats

December 4 @ 4pm: Supporting Teachers

We’ve chatted a lot about how to support our students (naturally), but today we shift our focus and talk about something equally important: supporting each other. Teacher/coach Stephanie Shea and Erin Jacobson, Coordinator of the North Dakota Teacher Support System, join me to share insights and strategies to help us help each other in our mission to support students. Don’t miss this conversation about the power of positive peer relationships in education.


December 6 @ 4pm- Winter Wonderland (PK-3)

Get ready for December with PBS LearningMedia! We’ll check out Christmas Around the World with Let’s Go Luna!, dive into the diverse winter holiday collection, and make magic with simple -and FREE- activities and resources.


December 11 @ 4pm: The Power of After School Connections (K-12)

Sara Medalen -Teacher of the Year Finalist and Minot Reading & Math Interventionist- shares ideas to support and connect with kiddos via after-school clubs. Sara builds relationships through Braids & Books, builds confidence in her Girl Power Club, and builds brain power with Super Saturdays featuring STEM activities. Join the chat for a wealth of ideas to build better relationships with kids.


December 13 @ 4pm- Whole Brain Teaching

Join teachers Ashley Steiner and Cheryl Bombenger for a chat about the classroom management technique sweeping the globe: Whole Brain Teaching. They’ll share how they got started with WBT, how it looks in the classroom, and -most importantly- its impact on students.