#streamPBS March 2017

March 2017 Featured Program: NOVA


This month, NOVA is celebrating its 43 rd birthday! For more than four decades, NOVA has been a leading voice in educating the public about science. In addition, we’ve spent years creating teaching resources from the broadcast television series and newer digital productions, including PBS Learning Media Collections like Gross Science and NOVA Labs.


NOVA bd cake



Women Scientists
Celebrate the incredible achievements of women with NOVA’s Women in STEM Collection. Meet Mae Jemison, the first African American woman to go into space, learn how Dame Stephanie Shirley founded the first all female software company, and defy stereotypes with Danica McKellar.
34 Videos, Grades 6-12






Celebrate National Engineering Month with NOVA’s Engineering Design Collection. Learn how engineers moved a historic lighthouse inland, explore the newest technologies for building transportation tunnels, and watch how trash can turn into steel.
100+ Videos, Grades 6-12






Learn how efforts to map out the tree of life have improved with the development of new gene-sequencing and data-processing techniques.
1 Article, Grades 12-college