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North Dakota United has formed a groundbreaking partnership with Ted Dintersmith, innovation expert and producer of the award-winning documentary “Most Likely to Succeed;” the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction; and Prairie Public Education Services to facilitate inspiring and thoughtful conversations with all of the stakeholders in the public education system. The weekly podcast will celebrate great teaching practices, interesting innovations, and dive into an innovation playlist that Dintersmith has pulled together with impressive national partners to support our teaching force.


You will hear from our educators, K-12 teachers, professors, school support staff, administrators, business owners, elected officials, parents and students, every Tuesday on The Cutting Ed, with your host, Tom Gerhardt. Tom is a veteran broadcast journalist in the state of North Dakota, whose voice is familiar to thousands of our citizens. He spent 23 years in television news, and has established himself as a known and trusted name all across North Dakota. He is a veteran story-teller, and knows well how to pull out the life lessons from education stakeholders in a concise and educational manner. Each episode will clock in at around 15 minutes, so they’re the perfect size for listening to on the drive home, or in between tasks during your day!

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